School Safety Expert Talks About Today’s School Shootings

DENVER, CO, Feb 27, 2012 –  Following the deadly high school shooting this morning in Chardon, Ohio, noted school safety expert Michael Dorn reviewed plans nationwide to act fast and save lives in the event of a violent school attack. Dorn was consulted today by the Colorado School Safety Task Force established by State Senator Steve King, and his analysis will be published by School Safety Partners.

“The Chardon High School shooting reminds schools across America that every school employee must be prepared to act immediately to prevent mass casualty losses,” Dorn said.

“The parents and students at Chardon openly thanked their school for conducting lockdown drills,” he noted.

Dorn, an international school safety authority, is available for media appearances to talk about emergencies and threats schools face today.

Dorn’s special report, “Ohio School Shooting Provides Opportunity to Review Campus Crisis Plans,” was rushed into publication by Campus Safety Magazine.

Two key concepts in the report relate to legislation introduced by Senator King. According to Dorn, school officials and local public safety responders should be prepared to communicate with each other, and students should be educated to report potentially dangerous statements and behaviors.

These concepts are addressed in Colorado Senate Bills 11-173, concerning interoperable communications in schools, and 12-079, concerning the Safe2Tell program.

Dorn is often called upon to show how school employees can spot potential danger including concealed weapons, and make life-and-death decisions under extreme stress.

Dorn serves as Executive Director for Safe Havens International, a global non-profit school safety center. He has authored and co-authored 25 books on school safety. His work has taken him throughout the United States, and to Central America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Dorn is regularly interviewed by major media organizations including NPR, 20/20, CNN, Good Morning America, ABC, NBC, CBS, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Times of London, Univision and Tokyo Broadcasting.

A former Chief of Police for the Bibb County, Georgia School System and School Safety Specialist for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Office of the Governor, Dorn has been a full-time school safety practitioner for nearly forty years.

Dorn can be reached at, 404-557-2068.