Safe Schools Month 2017

Colorado Senate Joint Resolution 14-031 established October each year as Safe Schools Month. Everyone is invited to participate in the annual Safe Schools Summit and other school safety activities throughout October. Click here to browse the post-2017 Summit resources from the Colorado School Safety Resource Center.

You Are Invited

Invitation: You are invited to review a complete model School Emergency Operations Plan (School EOP) and what it would cost to implement it.

Designed for: Legislators and staffers, school design professionals, local fire departments, state and local law enforcement agencies, school resource officers, local 911 agencies, interoperable communications providers, Safe2Tell program directors, local emergency medical service personnel, local mental health organizations, local public health agencies, local emergency management personnel, and local or regional homeland security personnel.

The completed School EOP presented by School Safety Summit is based on best practices and reflects Colorado legislation and innovations that have been a model for the nation.

Year-Round Summit Program

Creating High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans (School EOPs)
The Total Cost of School Safety

Watch this space for special summits like this one scheduled throughout the year. Creating high-quality School EOPs is the new gold standard for incident command teams in every school. The guidelines were jointly developed by the U.S. Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Justice, and the FBI.

The comprehensive multi-stakeholder planning process takes into account how schools can best coordinate response with local first responders, conduct co-training, evaluate incidents and exercises, acquire the right technologies, and more.


School Safety Summit introduces fresh perspectives from school design professionals, discussing what it takes to make schools more response-friendly from the ground up, and how much should be budgeted for crucial safety improvements throughout the campus.

School EOP Toolkit
Sample School EOP Basic Plan
CEFPI: Safe Schools Guide
CEFPI: Safer School Facilities
Awareity: Student Safety Report
BD+C: School Design Special Report

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Colorado School Safety Task Force
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